Passcal provides powerful password outputs from simplex keywords.


Strong password calculator

Passcal provides powerful password output from simplex keywords.
Unlike the password managers, Passcal doesn’t store any password.
It calculates strong and certain length of passwords from simple inputs. The user can simply choose “friends” as its new social media password.
Passcal will calculate for a 1 to 24 characters length, alphanumeric and special character combined powerful output.
Then simply it will insert into the password field of a web site or application.

What it is?

Strong password calculator
It calculates strong passwords from simple inputs for a better security.
Provides extra security layer for hardware key loggers and shoulder surfers.

Password simplifier
Call it Passcal is a password simplifier. It converts easy to remember words into
upper-lower case, alphanumeric and special characters combined powerful passwords.

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What is not?

Password manager
Unlike the password managers, Passcal doesn't store any password on itself
or on your computer.
Passcal doesn't need internet connection to work.

Password generator
Passcal is designed to provide same output from the same keyword
for the same user account.
Passcal doesn't generage random passwords.

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Passcal only available for Windows OS
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